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Here's what you can do with CarbonBuddy.

Get started with your climate neutral future by finding the right tool for you.

Our approach to tackle climate change? Empowering you!

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Our Emission Calculation and Offset Tools



We develop and provide a range of tools for your needs. Find the right one for you at top of the page or below. All tools for individual use can also be found within the CarbonBuddy App for Android and Apple.

Calculate and offset your small business/ organization's emissions within a few minutes.

Calculate & offset your business/organization by supporting local projects and offer emission neutral services/products.

Calculate & offset emissions of your (family's) Hawai'i visit for a climate neutral vacation.


Calculate and offset your (family's) emissions today and become climate neutral.

Calculate & offset your tourism business emissions & offer a climate neutral experience in Paradise.

Make your business event in Paradise stand out. Calculate and offset event emissions and host a climate neutral event.

Only want to calculate and offset a private or business trip? Be done in less than 5 minutes!

Hawai'i Resident Emission Calculator

Calculate and offset your (family's) annual emissions within a few minutes and start your climate neutral island life today.

Welcome or bring your family to Paradise and do it emission neutral within 5 minutes. Aloha.


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Become aware about your role in climate change



By calculating your emissions with our tools, we will walk you trough your major emission sources resulting in an emission summary to help you understand your impact. You will also learn how you / your business or organization / your event is doing compared to others.



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Take action & transition from being the cause towards becoming the #solutiontoclimatechange

Now that you have measured and understand your role in climate change, the next step is to take action on reducing it. We offer a variety of innovative offset projects to mitigate your emissions as the last section within the calculation and offset tools. We also provide information on how you can reduce your emissions here in the future so you will have to offset less next time.

You can also suggest a project that reduces future emissions (and ideally reduces inequality) right here.

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Life emission neutral, run a climate neutral business or host a climate friendly event



Offsetting your private / your business or event emissions and working on reducing them means you actively support the global transition towards a climate neutral future today and lead by example. Wow!



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You are the light of a clean future. Shine bright!


You / your business or organization / event is now climate neutral and leading by example. It's time to inspire others! We provide several tools like the #CarbonDashboard, the ClimateBuddyLabel and the #ClimateBuddyMap to help you spread the word on your climate action and inspire others to follow the positive example you set. Find tools for businesses/organizations here and for business events here.



Are you new to emission offsetting? Find answers to your questions on our Emission Offsetting Explained page.

CarbonBuddy for Businesses and Organizations

We offer a variety of tools, services and products to support your business/organization in measuring, understanding and reducing its footprint. In addition we provide products that allow you to display your climate leadership across different media. Find out more.

CarbonBuddy for Individuals

Use our tools to calculate, reduce and offset your emission in one single place. Whether you are a resident of Hawai'i, a visitor or live in Europe, Asia or Australia. Within five minutes, you will be able to understand your role in climate change and can start to take action to become part of the solution. Find out more.

CarbonBuddy for Events

Use our Hawai'i specific Event Emission Calculators to find out how much emissions are produced by your Hawaiian event and offset them via a project of your choice. It has never been easier to host an eco-friendly event in paradise! Find out more.

The carbon dioxide issue (or the reason for CarbonBuddy).

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels over time

Carbon dioxide is known as the most prominent greenhouse gas. This graph displays its atmospheric levels over time. The dramatic increase on the right side shows the most recent measurements. Scientists from around the world found that this increase is mostly due to human activities and because we are the cause, we can also be the solution. (credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some description adapted from the Scripps CO2 Program website, "Keeling Curve Lessons.")

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At CarbonBuddy we are convinced that everyone of us can take action and be part of the solution. We do not need to wait for others to make the change we want to see in the world. However, we also know life is difficult and you are busy. That's why CarbonBuddy was created. Our goal is to support you in living responsibly in and around Paradise simple, convenient and personal for you.

Be part of the solution!

CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in the Sustainability Committee