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Project: Forest Restoration in cooperation with the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative.

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Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative

Jen Lawson (Executive Director) |

Tropical dry forest restoration


Hawai'i / Waikoloa

no certification (small project)


25.00 US$/t (1ton is enough to offset approx. 110gal of gasoline, 1350kWh of electricity or 4.5 hours of flight time*)

Why should I support this project?

Support a Hawai'i based non-profit organization in its effort to restore the highly degraded dry forest on Hawai'i Island. This project will create native habitat and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Climate Impact:

Project Drawdown Climate Solution Rating: 5 (Tropical Forests) & 15 (Afforestation) out of the 80 best solutions to tackle climate change.

With this project YOU are supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative (WDFI) was formed in 2011 and its mission is "To protect, promote, and restore native Hawaiian dry forest." To achieve this mission, WDFI engages in land management, outreach, education, and grassroots advocacy. WDFI manages the Waikoloa Dry Forest Preserve where large-scale native tree planting is done in an effort to rebuild the native forest community and preserve biodiversity. This forest restoration work is critical to the survival of the native biota and an important piece of local efforts to sequester carbon in Hawaii’s forests and educate the public about the role of forests in reducing the effects of climate change.


Support this project directly by offsetting your emissions.

Not sure how much to offset?

Carbon Mitigation Package including support of tropical dry forest restoration within the Waikoloa dry forest preserve on Hawai'i Island

With this offset package you are actively supporting the local project and the sequestration of greenhouses gases. 

You can choose different amounts of offsetting depending on your needs in 0.5t increments. The price of this offset package is 25.00US$/t. With each $25 this package includes


- the offset of 1 ton of carbon dioxide through one of our certified international offset projects

- a contribution to the project described (half tree - for every two tons, one native tree will be planted)


Through the combination of projects we are able to support more expensive small scale local projects while making sure your emissions are mitigated via certified projects and emission reduction certificates will be retired on you behalf. You will receive one certificate stating the total amount you chose to offset in this purchase. If you need several certificates, please make multiple purchases. Mahalo.

Did you know that CarbonBuddy will always put at least 75% of your contribution towards projects? In the beginning of each year, you can find out what happened the previous year through our annual reports.


Please note: 1 ton is equivalent to 2,205lbs.


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*The values displayed are only intended to give you an estimate. Emissions produced by electricity consumption can vary greatly depending on how the electricity at your place of residence is generated. Emission estimate for flights include climate impact through contrails and ozone formation but also depend on aircraft type, travel class and seat capacity utilization.

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