CarbonBuddy for Businesses & Organizations

Are you looking for a strong partner to address climate change? Want to get your business/organization ready for a carbon constrained world? CarbonBuddy is here to support you from the first step to a successful implementation. Let us help you in becoming a climate leader and reduce your operating costs. We provide a range of tools and services custom made to your operation. You will be surprised how simple and quick it is to offer carbon neutral services/products that stand out form the crowd.

Our Products & Services

*free of charge when you calculate and offset 100% of your emissions for at least one year (365 days)

How it works

  • Step1: Set the scope of your operation. Everything included will be part of the emission calculation.
  • Step2: Measure your emissions with our Emission Calculation and Offset Tools (below) and offset them right away.
  • Step3: You are now operating carbon neutral. Spread the word about your climate action with our complimentary tools (see below).
  • Step4: Start the transformation with a personalized "roadmap" to reduce emissions. This step is currently under development and will become available in the end of 2020. Each party offsetting with CarbonBuddy will be able to access the tool. The "roadmap" will be based on your calculation with one of our emission calculation and offset tools.

Emission Calculation and Offset Tools

Start here by selecting the right tool for you. Use it to calculate emissions.

Spread the word on your climate action

After you have calculated and offset emissions, you can use these tools to let your customers/guests know about your climate leadership.


Put your leadership on a map exclusively for climate neutral businesses, organizations, events and individuals.


Get your businesses / organizations  #Carbondashboard and show your climate leadership to your stakeholders.


Display the ClimateBuddyLabel and show your guests / customers your climate leadership anywhere.


Use this Infosheet to display your commitment. Provide this to your customers where they have a minute.

Global Small Businesses

Hawaii Businesses, Toursim Businesses

Tools and Services

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CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in the Sustainability Committee.