Project: Energy production from chicken manure and residues from starch and sugar industries.

Project type: Waste handling and disposal

Country: India

Area: Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

Certification: CDM, Gold Standard

Price: 13.00 US$/t (1ton is enough to offset approx. 110gal of gasoline, 1350kWh of electricity or 4.5 hours of flight time*)


This project is generating renewable energy from chicken manure and residues from starch and sugar industries to be fed into the south Indian grid. By producing power exclusively from waste, competition with food production is avoided and a high quality soil fertilizer is produced as a by-product. To find out more about this project,  click here.

Carbon Offset through Renewable Energy from waste handling in India

With this offset option you are actively supporting the project described. You can choose different amounts of offsetting depending on your needs in 0.5t increments. The price of this project is 13.00 US$/t. You will receive one certificate stating the total amount you chose to offset in this purchase. Please note: 1kg is equivalent to 2.205lbs or 1t = 2205lbs.


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*The values displayed are only intended to give you an estimate. Emissions produced by electricity consumption can vary greatly depending on how the electricity at your place of residence is generated. Emission estimate for flights include climate impact through contrails and ozone formation but also depend on aircraft type and capacity utilization.

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