Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CarbonBuddy not a non-profit?

We believe that one does not have to be a non-profit organization to create change in the world and do business in a way that puts purpose over benefits. Actually, we would like to become an example of how to make this work. If you think we don't live up to our standards, please write us at

How does emission offsetting actually work?

The idea behind emission offsetting is, that emissions which occur in one place through a certain activity (i.e. driving a car or flying an airplane) can be offset somewhere else. This is the case,  because for our global climate it does not matter where emissions are produced. Thus, it also does not matter where they are offset. There is only one climate system and that will be either one that is conducive to us or one that will create problems. Therefore, we need to eliminate as many emissions as we can. However, our societies today depend heavily on fossil fuels and will take time to change. This is where offsetting comes into play. The offset you pay will be used to reduce future emissions from energy production or help to use energy more efficient to reduce future emissions. This means, we can get to the goal of global net-zero emissions faster than we would without your contribution. By purchasing an offset you are actively speeding up the transition into an emission free future through a financial contribution that is used to implement climate friendly projects.

Why is CarbonBuddy working on emission mitigation?

Greenhouse gas emissions are produced by many of our activities. Over time, emissions from these activities have changed the composition of the atmosphere and science from around the world tells us that these changes will lead to a number of serious problems. Therefore, reports of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes that we have to take action quickly to adapt to coming changes and mitigate emissions to reduce theses changes to a manageable. The good part is that there are many things we can do. It also is much more affordable than most people expect. So why not give it a try? CarbonBuddy is here to support you in becoming a climate hero. If you have questions beyond the information on the website, please don't hesitate to contact us at


What are the benefits of emission offsetting?

  • Safety
  • Low cost

The simplest way to describe the benefits is that we will leave the global "climate system" as close to how we know it as possible. This will cost us the money to mitigate and decouple our economic well-being from fossil fuels. Offsetting emissions is only one way to reduce the impact of climate change. Four other main actions everyone can take are:

  • Reduce consumption
  • Increase efficiency
  • Switch to renewable energy sources
  • Adapt to changes that will come

You might have heard about adaptation in your community before. There are many ways to adapt (i.e. building resilience) and many things we have to adapt to (i.e. sea level rise, heatwaves, heavy rains, ...). More information on adaptation can be found here.

What can I Offset?

Greenhouse gas emissions are produced by many of our activities. Thus, the possibilities to reduce emissions are similarly plentiful. Common types of emissions are caused by energy consumption (i.e. electricity) or by the transportation we use (burning of fossil fuels in the engine of your vehicle). Other, harder to determine emissions arise from the consumption of goods and services as well as your diet. Generally, we recommend to start with the large sources of emissions and the ones that are easier to determine like energy and transportation.

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