If you decide to take climate action with CarbonBuddy, we will support you in spreading the word about it! Climate change is a massive challenge and we need as many to join as we can. Therefore, we welcome your initiative and provide a range of services to help you spread the word on behalf of your organization and the future.


Put your leadership on a map exclusively for climate neutral businesses, organizations, events and individuals.


Get your businesses / organizations  #Carbondashboard and show your climate action to your stakeholders.


Display the ClimateBuddyLabel and show your guests / customers your climate leadership anywhere.


Use this Infosheet to display your commitment. Provide this at a point, where your customers have a minute.

Your webpage

In addition to the services above, you will also get a webpage at that shows your climate leadership. The QR code on the Infosheet and #ClimateBuddyLabel as well as any info you might provide on your website can link to this page to provide transparency about your climate action.

CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in the Sustainability Committee