Get the ClimateBuddyLabel in digital for free or order your label as a sticker or magnet to market your Climate Action anywhere.


After calculating and offsetting your business or business event emissions, you are eligible to obtain the ClimateBuddyLabel. In combination with our #CarbonDashboard, this is the perfect way to market your climate leadership to the world. If you are interested in obtaining this label, please follow these steps:


  1. Calculate your organizations carbon footprint with our self-guided online emission calculation and offset tools.
  1. Offset 100% of your emissions as the last step of the emission calculation. Please note: You need to calculate and offset 100% of your emissions for at least one year (365 days) or the entire length of your business event to receive the ClimateBuddyLabel. Any offset less than 100% is NOT eligible for this label.
  2. Email us your logo if you haven't uploaded it already within the #ClimateBuddyMap section of the emission calculation and offset tool at
  3. Receive your personalized ClimateBuddyLabels via email and start showing your Climate Action everywhere.

CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in the Sustainability Committee