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You want to do something about climate change but are not exactly sure what?

Here you will find a detailed guide on how you, your buisness/organization or event can become part of the #solutiontoclimatechange. Whether you are a business owner, a concerned citizen, a traveller or an event planner - we all will need to adopt a climate friendly lifestyle/practices. Find out how you can become a leader below.

Three simple steps towards a stable climate!

How you tackle climate change.

It is clear that we can't change the current, fossil fuel based system in one day. It is neither affordable nor practical. However, it is important that we start the transition because the sooner we will become a society powered by renewable energy, the more manageable the impact of climate change will be.

Step 1 >>>  Measure your emissions

Use one of our emission calculation and offset tools to measure your emissions. We offer a variety of tools that are customized for different needs. Find the one that fits best and start calculating. All tools for individual use are also available within the CarbonBuddy App.

Calculate and offset your small business/ organization's emissions within a few minutes.

Calculate & offset your business/organization by supporting local projects and offer emission neutral services/products.

Calculate & offset emissions of your (family's) Hawai'i visit for a climate neutral vacation.


Calculate and offset your (family's) emissions today and become climate neutral.

Calculate & offset your tourism business emissions & offer a climate neutral experience in Paradise.

Make your business event in Paradise stand out. Calculate and offset event emissions and host a climate neutral event.

Only want to calculate and offset a private or business trip? Be done in less than 2 minutes!

Hawai'i Resident Emission Calculator

Calculate and offset your (family's) annual emissions within a few minutes and start your climate neutral island life today.

Welcome or bring your family to Paradise and do it emission neutral within 5 minutes. Aloha.





Measuring your emissions with our tools will enable you to understand your emissions and become aware on how you contribution to climate change.

Our tools do that by walking you through the most important areas of your life, business/organization or event enabling you to get a deep understanding and accurate estimation of your emissions. After entering all numbers, the tool will generate a customized emission summary. The summary will break down your emissions in different categories so you can understand where most emissions come from. It will also show you how you are doing compared to others. Becoming aware of your role in climate change will allow you to move to step 2 & 3.

Step 2 >>> Take action (offset and reduce)

Let's be clear. We recommend offsetting as a first step of action, because it is something you can do TODAY to make a difference. Just as important however is to reduce actual energy consumption and/or adopting a climate friendly lifestyle. That's why CarbonBuddy's founder and owner became a Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) so we can support you in reducing your energy consumption. However, these changes often take time and can required investment. That's why we recommend to start with offsetting. In addition, information from calculating emissions will provide important information on how to reduce emissions.


Offsetting is part of every tool you can find at CarbonBuddy but what can you do to reduce? Below you will find a range of tips on how power consumption can be reduced.

Things you can do TODAY.

  • Calculate your emissions and offset them. At the same time, you can start reducing so will have to offset less in the future
  • Turn off the light if you don't need it and change to LED
  • Turn up the A/C a few degrees in the summer
  • Turn down the heating system a few degrees in the winter
  • Re-use
  • Buy products/materials/services that can be recycled or are already made from recycled materials. You find them on the #ClimateBuddyMap
  • Buy local, organic and plant based food. Reduce meat consumption
  • Walk or ride your bike for short distances
  • Consider public transportation for your activities


Things you can plan for.


Checklists for download

Tips on how to reduce your energy bill at home
You can also find this information online here:
Adobe Acrobat Document 242.6 KB
Tips on how to reduce your energy bill at work
You can also find this information online here:
Adobe Acrobat Document 224.2 KB

Step 3 >>> Lead & Inspire

You are now living climate friendly and have started to make adjustments to your daily life/operation. This means you actively support the global transition towards a climate neutral future and lead by example. Congratulations!

You are the light of a clean future. Shine bright!


It's time to inspire others! We provide several tools like the #CarbonDashboard, the ClimateBuddyLabel and the #ClimateBuddyMap to help you spread the word on your climate action and inspire others to follow the positive example you set. Click the button for you to learn about the tools we offer for your needs.

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