International projects

Project: Energy production from chicken manure and residues from starch and sugar industries.

Project type: Waste handling and disposal

Country: India

Area/Distric/State: Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

Certification: CDM, Gold Standard

Price: 10.89 US$/t

Project: San Clemente Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Project type: Hydro

Country: Chile

Area/District/State: Maule Region

Certification: CDM

Price: 10.00 US$/t

Project: Improved Cook Stoves.

Project type: Energy efficiency - household

Country: Malawi

Area/District/State: -

Certification: CDM

Price: 20.00 US$/t

Project: Wind power generation in China.

Project type: Wind

Country: China

Area/District/State: Zhangbei County

Certification: CDM, Gold Standard

Price: 6.50 US$/t

Project: San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power in Guatemala.

Project type: Wind

Country: Guatemala

Area/District/State: Guatemala

Certification: CDM

Price: 6.80 US$/t

CarbonBuddy constantly invests in and develops new projects. Therefore, please stop by again. Projects we offer reduce future emissions in the fields of Solar, Wind, Waste handling, Efficiency, and Reforestation. However, not all categories might be available at all times.

Can't find something you like? Want to offset more than we currently offer? Contact us at and we will help you out!

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