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CarbonBuddy - your friend to tackle climate change.

CarbonBuddy was founded to empower individuals, businesses and event hosts in Hawai'i and beyond to become the #solutiontoclimatechange. Use our tools and services to host climate neutral events, offset your personal footprint or turn your business / organization into a climate leader by mitigating its emissions and offer your customers a climate neutral service or product. We are here for you to support you in


1. Measuring your emissions with our emission calculation and offset tools

2. Understanding your role in Climate Change

3. Taking action by offsetting today's and reducing tomorrow's emissions

4. Leading the way into a green, renewable powered future

5. Inspiring others with our marketing tools for your business/organization or event to showcase your climate action through our #ClimateBuddyMap, the ClimateBuddy label or your #CarbonDashboard

Our Vision

Is a future in which the global community is aware of its climate impact and addresses this problem on every level. Citizens, Businesses and other Organizations, Events and Governments will take action to measure and understand their carbon footprint. We will offset our today's footprint while working towards reducing it by increasing efficiency, renewable energy generation and carbon sequestration to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas levels and restore a balanced global climate system. In a future of nine, maybe ten billion people, the Global community will understand that their actions matter and become empowered by the difference they can make through taking better choices.  Climate neutral, sustainable consumption, lifestyles and businesses will be the norm, not the exception.

Our Mission

To empower you to tackle climate change and inequality. We want you to become the #solutiontoclimatechange today and restore a balanced global climate system. Transparent. Accessible. Together.

Our Tools and Services

Who we are.


Founder of CarbonBuddy is M. Johannes Seidel. You can find more information on Johannes here (LinkedIn).

M. Johannes grew up in rural Upper Frankonia within the State of Bavaria, Germany. Spending most of childhood outdoors with his good friends he explored the beautiful farmlands and forest of his region before moving north of Frankfurt to serve one year of community service in a rehabilitation hospital before extending his stay to a second year participating a program called "voluntary social year". Afterwards he went back home to continue his education before moving towards the north of Munich to study landscape architecture at the "green" University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. During this program Johannes was fortunate to come to Hawaii for the first time to serve as an intern at Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks (HAVO) Vegetation Program. Besides that, he went to study an ERASMUS semester abroad in Finland where he met fellow Europeans from 9 countries studying and living together for five months  leaving him with incredible memories about our "European family" before returning to Hawai'i on a scholarship to write his Thesis with HAVO. After finishing his study, Johannes started to work at the Institute of Landscape Architecture on various research projects regarding renewable energy as well as an environmental specialist for the State of Bavaria. Learning more about renewable's and the effects of climate change led him to continue his application towards a Master of Science in Sustainable Resource Management at Technical University of Munich. The time in this program deepened his passion for our planet while getting to know colleagues from over 25 nations within this international program leaving even more fantastic memories and the realization that most members of our "global family" strive for the same common goals, wherever we are from. Something like a peaceful, happy life within a strong community and social network that takes care of itself and the planet. Johannes finished his studies with a thesis on carbon mitigation within the tourism sector in Hawaii because he knew that him and his wonderful wife Barbara will move there. The goal was to find out what can be done to reduce the footprint of one of the largest economic sectors in the world. The positive results of the survey lead to the founding of CarbonBuddy. Become part of the story! Become a Climate Buddy!

The CarbonBuddy Story

CarbonBuddy is the result of a long journey aiming to find a way to make a difference. This process started as a personal dream which sparked during an internship at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in 2008.  The sheer and overwhelming beauty of Hawai'i Island deepened the passion for planet earth which continued to grow over time and lead to founding of a business that will create products allowing us to live responsibly.  After working in Research on Renewable Energy in Germany as well as an Environmental Specialist for the State of Bavaria, founder Michael Johannes Seidel decided to go back to school and get MSc in Sustainable Resource Management and as a result of that, started CarbonBuddy aiming to make living sustainable the preferred choice of the future. Why not start a new era of doing business? Why not do business in a way that benefits people and the planet? It is possible and we are convinced it is actually the far better choice. Thus, CarbonBuddy is determined to become a powerful vehicle in our generations challenging times of climate change. However, we see our self not only committed environmental well-being but also to social standards. We believe it is time for making business in a different way than we did in the past. Therefore, our most valued companions on this voyage will be transparency and fairness. With these principles in mind, businesses can once again benefit societies in which they operate and strive as equal partners. By offsetting with CarbonBuddy, we assure you that your contribution will not only help to tackle climate change but also contribute to living up to these standards because we are convinced that leading by example is one of the most powerful arguments one can achieve to create change.

Thank you for your business and choice for change.

Willingness of Tourists to Reduce Travel Related Carbon Emissions Through Optimized Voluntary Carbon Offsetting. A Study among Tourist to the Island of Hawaii, USA.
Thesis for the International Master's program of Sustainable Resource Management at Technical University of Munich, Germany.
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Our Principles for doing Business

CarbonBuddy was founded to create solutions for our society to live a climate friendly life's and run a climate friendly businesses. However, that's not where we stop. We are determined to use this opportunity of transforming our energy system and reduce inequality in our local society and around the world at the same time. That' why we are developing offset projects that benefit low-income members of our society and look for international projects that fulfill our standards. Below are our guidelines for doing business and achieving our goals.

Sustainable Hawaii Initiative

With our local projects we plan to support the Sustainable Hawaii Initiative and focus on local food production and renewable energy. You find more information on how our local projects support these goals on the projects page.

Sustainable Hawaii Initiative - Brochure
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

With the international projects we offer and develop, we are aiming to support as many of the SDGs as possible with a specific focus on Goal 1, 10, 13, 17. More information on how the projects support these goals can be found in our annual reports.

Click on this link to find suggestions from the UN how to make the world a better place.

UN Sustainable Development Agenda
This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development.
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CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in the Sustainability Committee