The #CarbonDashboard allows you - and everyone else - to transparently assess your business' / organizations / events climate impact in an easy to understand, graphic way. It is the perfect tool for your website, social media feed or annual report to show your customers/clients your climate action and to accompany your ClimateBuddyLabel.


This is how your #CarbonDashboard could look like:

Interested? This is how you can obtain your #CarbonDashboard:

  1. Calculate your organizations carbon footprint with our self-guided online emission calculation and offset tools. In the end of your calculation you will find an emission summary. The values from your emission summary will be displayed as consumption on your #CarbonDashboard. Please note: your #CarbonDashboard might look slightly different than the one seen here.


  1. Offset 100% of your emissions. As the last step of the emission calculation, choose an offset project and mitigate your emissions.
  2. Email us your logo if you haven't already uploaded it within the #ClimateBuddyMap section of the calculation
  3. Receive your #CarbonDashboard (as .jpg & .png) and market your climate leadership

Please Note: You are only eligible to receive a #CarbonDashboard when calculating and offsetting business emissions for at least one year (365 days) or the entire length of your event and offset 100% of your emissions. Individuals will NOT receive a #CarbonDashboard!

If you like the #CarbonDashboard, you might also be interested in the "ClimateBuddyLabel" for your business / organization / event. This label complements the #CarbonDashboard and is designed to be used in sticker or magnet form to display your climate action at your storefront, on your vehicles or other points of contact with your customers. As a digital version, it is a great way to market your climate leadership on your website, in your social media feed or directly on your products.


Click here to find out more about the ClimateBuddyLabel.

Please note: If you wish to receive the ClimateBuddy label or #Carbondashboard, the summary of your emission calculation will be made publicly available on our website as an active transparency measure.

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