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Offer your guests the event experience of the future today. Help them enjoy paradise without leaving a footprint and instead give them the option to support the transition to clean energy. CarbonBuddy is here to support you from the first step to a successful implementation of your carbon neutral event. We provide a range of tools and services that make this process accessible and successful for you. You will be surprised how simple and quick it is to offer a climate friendly event with CarbonBuddy.


Don't hesitate to contact us at: events@carbonbuddy.com

Our Tools and Services for events include

Convenient online emission calculation for your Business or Private event in paradise. Your event is not in Hawai'i and you would like to a climate friendly event? Email us at: events@carbonbuddy.com

#ClimateBuddyMap to display your climate action to the world and your guests.

Marketing and informational material like the #CarbonDashboard*, the ClimateBuddyLabel*, and an infosheet* to display your climate action on your website, social media and at the event itself

A webpage at www.carbonbuddy.com/youreventname* where your guests can find information on the offset project they support and how everything works

Peace of mind. CarbonBuddy will offset your emissions via certified projects. Plus, CarbonBuddy staff is highly trained and certified (i.e. Certified Energy Manager®)


* only available for business events



Start calculating emissions from your event to determine its emissions. Ideally, this already starts during the planning process. You can save your calculation at any time and complete it later. If you are working on a reoccurring event that does not change much from year to year, you can use information from last year where the current event info is not yet available.


Once event emission are determined, there are two options:

  1. Emissions are offset by the event organizer (i.e. host) upfront and then collected via a mandatory (or optional) "carbon fee" through ticket sales (recommended)
  2. Emissions are offset only via ticket sales (through mandatory or voluntary contribution) to the amount of funding collected


CarbonBuddy will prepare material for your event depending on its eligibility and make materials available to you.


Questions? Email us at: events@carbonbuddy.com

Available event emission calculators

Spread the word on your climate action (non-private events)

Put your event on a map exclusively for climate friendly businesses, organizations, events and individuals.

Get your event's custom #Carbondashboard and showcase your climate action on the web, in reports or at the event itself.

Display the ClimateBuddyLabel in printed event material, or on social media and show your guests / customers your climate leadership.

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