Upcycle HI has started to offset it's emissions with CarbonBuddy in 2018. If you are looking for some awesome wearable's or zipper pouches made from recycled material, check out their online store. By supporting this organization, you are actively supporting a carbon neutral economy. You can find the UpcycleHI online store here.

ClimateBuddy*:             2018

*ClimateBuddy - means that this Business, Organization or Event has offset 100% of calculated emissions.

The Story:

Upcycle Hawaii is a design company focused on diverting materials from local landfills and turning them into new and usable products. As it is our mission to promote sustainability and a circular economy, it is just important that we offset our carbon emissions in order to run an entirely "green business" and sell our products as carbon footprint-free. We are very grateful for CarbonBuddy and the opportunity they provide to do this on a local level.

01/2018 - 12/2018

UpcycleHI has contributed to the following projects with their offset contributions:


Time period Supported Project
01/2018 - 12-2018  Hawai'i based solar project - Hawaii Community Assets

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CarbonBuddy is a Kuleana Green Business Member at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce.