What if you could neutralize your (or the one from someone else) climate impact of 2019 for less than US$50?

Would you do it? Why not?


CarbonBuddy's goal is to make living a climate friendly life simple and convenient. That's why we developed the #climatebuddy2019 offset product. Simply select your country of residence below (or the one of a friend or family member you wish to surprise with carbon neutrality) and offset your average annual emissions with one click.

Are you ready to do your part? If you do, let others know via social media so we can create the change needed to tackle mankind's biggest challenge.


Curios what happens to your money when you offset with CarbonBuddy? Find out more here. (When you chose this option, your contribution will be allocated to one of the availabe international offset projects.)


With the purchase of this product, you will offset your (or another person's) average annual emissions based on the selected country of residence. Your contribution will support certified renewable energy and/or efficiency projects around the world that are carefully selected by CarbonBuddy. Please visit our Projects page for current projects.

Your contribution will ensure that tomorrow's emissions are lower than today's. THANK YOU for taking action and leading by example in becoming part of the solution to tackle climate change. If you are not sure how emission offsetting works, go to our Emission Offsetting Explained page to find out more! You are a #climatebuddy2019

Emission data represents average annual emissions of 2014 and is derived from the World Bank.

climatehero2018 offset


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If everyone would follow the example you set, global emissions could be reduced significantly. If you want to offset emissions for more than one person, simply select your preferred number of items (persons) at check out and leave a note with the names you are buying offsets for during the check out process. In case you want to gift someone a #climatebuddy2019 simply leave a note with the name you wish to see on the certificate during the check out process.


The example of US$50 will offset annual average emissions for one person if they would be similar for all of us (global average). Thus, if you live in an industrialized country, you will likely have higher emissions and need to offset more. If you live in a less industrialized country, your emission will be lower and you will need to offset less.


To find out what else you can do to #becomeaclimatebuddy simply follow the link.

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