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Bokoa Farms and Forest

David Real (Owner) | david@bokoafarms.com

Native Forest Restoration


Hawai'i / Hamakua Coast - Ninole

no certification (small project)


24.50 US$/t (1ton is enough to offset approx. 110gal of gasoline, 1350kWh of electricity or 4.5 hours of flight time*)

Carbon Offset + Hawaii Native Forest Restoration

This offset offers you the opportunity to actively support the restoration of native Koa forests on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Where native plant and animal species once strived, invasive species like Strawberry Guava took their place silencing the once lush tropical forest. However, CarbonBuddy and Bokoa Farms and Forest have come together to combat invasive species and restore the native ecosystem. By purchasing this offset product,  you will offset your emissions and support this effort to safeguard endemic Hawaiian species in their natural habitat.

You can choose different amounts of offsetting depending on your needs in 0.5t increments. The price of this offset is US$24.50/t. With each $24.50 this product includes:

  • 1 ton of Carbon Offsets (from our currently available international offset projects)
  • 1/2 Native Koa Tree

Through the combination of projects we are able to support more expensive small scale local projects while making sure your emissions are mitigated. You will receive one certificate stating the total amount you chose to offset in this purchase. Please note: 1 ton is equivalent to 2,205lbs.


Find out more on the importance of native forest restoration on Hawaii here.


Find out more about native Koa forest restoration at Bokoa Farms and Forest, here. (I think a link to further information should be provided here. On this page (which can be on your website (or carbonbuddy)) potential customers can then find a more detailed description, maybe an interview with both of us and pictures.)


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*The values displayed are only intended to give you an estimate. Emissions produced by electricity consumption can vary greatly depending on how the electricity at your place of residence is generated. Emission estimate for flights include climate impact through contrails and ozone formation but also depend on aircraft type and capacity utilization.

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